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Rainbow Chard at Canara.jpg

Canara Farm is a unique specialist market garden, five miles from our depot, it represents many of our small scale local growers, being focused on growing a range of amazing speciality produce, chosen for its outstanding taste and flavour. These farms take us back to our earthy roots as a high class primary grower of fresh produce here in the far south west. 

The specialist growers produce unique seasonal produce, including gourmet mixed salad leaf, heritage tomatoes, seasonal berries and vegetables. The farm across our region are able to maintain year-round seasonal production, benefiting from the unique maritime climate in the south west.

WestCountry Gourmet Leaves

We also produce an exclusive gourmet mix of high quality baby leaves that are available throughout the year. Our passion is to select and grow leaves that create a unique and stylish seasonal gourmet baby leaf mix. 

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